Technical Writing

What you communicate to your audience is as important as how you communicate. Compelling content creation is critical whether it’s a white paper, website text, product announcement or ad copy. By combining technical expertise with creative writing, we can get your message across in the most effective way.


C. Popp Enterprises is managed by principal Chris Popp. He has 33+ years experience in the communication to and education of machinery design engineers and other users of motion control and power transmission technology. Our mission is to truly understand the benefits of your product and communicate how it can provide positive impact for your customers.


Marketing fluff is recognized quickly and disregarded by a technical audience. They are looking for substance. After identifying your benefits and the pain it resolves, we craft effective content copy to convey your proposition or information in a manner that is compelling and in language your audience understands and appreciates.


Types of content offered:

White Papers – Content marketing is the latest trend in getting your message heard. With busy schedules, engineers only have time to read content that provides them valuable education on products and services that can truly help them be more productive. We work with you to understand the message you want to convey and develop a compelling story that gets results.

Website Content – Your website has copy and text all over it. From calls to action to company and product descriptions to application examples, what you say and how you say it is critical to getting your site visitors to convert. We can provide the content to get them to take the next step.

Product Announcements – Most media outlets publish e-newsletters that highlight new products appropriate for your industry. With only 30 to 50 words of descriptive text allowed, efficiently and effectively communicating your benefit is a challenge we can help with.

Advertisement Copy – Getting your ad responded to, whether placed in print or digital media, is the obvious result necessary for achieving positive ROI. While the design is certainly important for getting noticed, communicating your benefits and having a strong call to action is what generates a response. We can help you verbalize your value.

E-Newsletters – Maintaining consistent communication with your audience is key for them remembering you when it’s time to buy. However, a constant flow of advertisements won’t cut it. There has to be additional value for them to open your email. We can help craft email content they will want to open.

Video Scripting – Video is hotter than most other media, especially to younger audiences. They would rather listen and see visuals for 3 minutes than read copy. And it doesn’t have to be highly produced. We can help create, plan and organize your video message.

Press Releases – With an ever expanding list of industry media websites the need for news grows in unison. This is often free public relations that too few companies take advantage of. We can help write press releases that get published.

Training Manuals – Creating documents that identify processes and instructions are important for educating your customers or maintaining continuity in your internal operations. But rarely do you have the staff with time to create them. We can be your partner in developing these resources.