Marketing Consulting

Getting your message heard is more difficult now than ever before. To cut through the noise and clutter you need to be engaged in a wide variety of marketing initiatives so your customers see you where they are looking. Unfortunately, it is difficult for many of the small to medium manufacturers we like to work with to keep up with the trends. That is where we can help.


C. Popp Enterprises is directed by principal Chris Popp. He has 33+ years experience developing marketing programs, creating corporate messages, launching new products, and integrating the latest communication options through a variety of media outlets. We have a track record for improving marketing productivity in the most cost effective and efficient manner.


Whether you are looking to develop a complete marketing strategy, add specific elements to your base program, or just looking for a quick review of what you already have, we offer optional services that can tailor a solution for your unique needs.


Marketing Initiatives Covered:

Corporate Message – Who are you and what are you trying to do? We can help you hone your message so customers know why to work with you.

Website Development – We can review your website for structure, content and usability. We will offer direction on improvements to get more visitors and conversions.

Search Engine Optimization – Potential customers need to find you when they search. We will review your content and source coding to be sure they are aligned.

Search Engine Marketing (PPC) – If you can’t get on the first search page organically, developing a cost effective Pay-per-click program can get you there.

Content Marketing – Customers are looking for education and information. Creating and promoting compelling content will attract them to you. We can help you produce that.

Digital Advertising – Everyone is on the Web. Its the best way to get your message to your target audience. We know the best media outlets and how to use them cost effectively.

Print Advertising – This is still a viable alternative for presenting your message to customers who aren’t actively searching. We’ll help you identify where and when this makes sense.

Video – YouTube is the second biggest search engine. Many prospects would rather watch for 3 minutes than read about your info. We can help produce low cost videos that work.

Social Media – People are spending more time with contacts through these platforms. Linkedin is number 1 for business. We can help set up a company page and develop a post schedule.

Blogs – Creating a blog and periodically sharing relevant information can help establish you as a thought leader. We can help with content ideas and get you started.

E-Newsletters – Staying in front of your prospects on a constant basis will help them remember you when ready to buy. We can help you create and fill an e-newsletter that people will open.